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Round robin

This tool transmits the values ​​specified in the automation cyclically.

Let's explain the functionality better using the example of the integration between Facebook and amoCRM.

Let's say you need that when a lead comes in from a Facebook ad campaign, they don't reach an employee of the CRM system, but that they are distributed equally among all the collaborators specified in the automation. Check out!

Step 1. Adding the tool

Initially, you must access your automation and click on the “Tool” option located between the steps.

Then just select “Round robin” tool.

Step 2. Configuring the tool

In the “Name” field, we can enter the name of our set of values ​​that will be formatted.

In the field “List” in manual mode, we must add the values ​​of the list on which this tool will work.

In the case of a CRM system, which we have given as an example, you will need to specify a list of employee ID numbers to which leads will be distributed. Specifying the names will not be sufficient as the CRM system only accepts data in the form of a system ID.

The data we need is available in the “Apps” section.

In the access list we find the CRM system with which we created the automation (in this case amoCRM) and select our specific connection. In it, we find the “Users” section.

Here, we see a list of employee IDs and copy them. We then returned to automation and created a list for the “Round robin” tool based on the data collected.

Correct fields look like this:

Step 3. Updating the target service

The next step is to update amoCRM: New contact. To do so, click on the settings icon.

We find the field “Responsible user”, click on it and select “Other values” in the window that appears.

We find “Round robin” tool in Albato list and select the “Value” variable.

The variables in this block provide the following data:

“Name” – the name we created earlier;

“List” – the entire list of data that we configure in the tool;

“Value” – a specific value from the list that will be transmitted when the link is triggered;

“The position of the value in the list” – the ordinal number of the position in the list. If the first value is transmitted, the indication will be the number 1.

Completed filed will look like this:

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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