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Automation timing

Albato has two timing modes: "real-time" and "data migration".

In real time

In the Real-time mode, data will be transferred from the start of an automation until the moment when a user stops it. In this mode, only new data that appears in a user's sending app will be transferred.

Data migration

In the Data migration mode, users can transfer data for a particular period in the past.

After the data is transferred, an automation will stop automatically. Thus, only data that was saved in the source app before the automation was started will be transferred.

This is a great feature to find out how effective your ad campaign was in the past month or the same month last year. This feature also proves to be useful for those who wants to migrate data from one system to to another, as it helps to preserve data when changing platform (app).

It should be noted that this feature only works with API actions.

There are 2 options in this mode:

Migrate all account data - Albato will automatically find and transfer all data from current app to a new one. Important: not all streaming apps support this mode (Facebook, for example, only delivers data for the last 90 days)

Migrate data for a period - a user specifies the date and time from which Albato will transfer the data. The “Operation time”, “From” and “To” fields indicate the time and date from which you want to transfer the data. These fields cannot contain values ​​in the future (eg tomorrow), only in the past.

Once completed, the automations in which data migration is configured are marked with a special icon. There is a progress bar, which takes into account the amount of data processed.

To make changes to the settings, you need to click on the “Reset Progress” button. When you press this button, the progress of your package is reset and the next launch will start a data relay, where the same data can be transferred again.

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Updated on: 26/03/2024

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