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AI tools

The tool allows users to send data received from the previous steps to AI.

As of now (13.03.2023), the tool only works with various OpenAI models. To work with AI, simply add the tool to the automation, and there is no need to add or connect your Open AI account.

The AI tool is only available on Albato paid plans, so it cannot be used on a trial plan.

The tool will debit 1 transaction for every 250 tokens spent in the response (result). Token rounding is always upwards: i.e. if the response from OpenAI is 240 tokens then 1 transaction will be charged, if the response is 270 tokens then 2 transactions will be charged, etc.

The tool step is added to the automation as the other steps - by clicking on the '+'.

Here is an example of one use case: in the Slack work channel, managers can send messages to AI and receive responses back through the automation:

Example of how to fill in the tool fields:

In the settings you need to:

- Choose the model
- Fill in the Prompt field
- Set the maximum number of tokens the tool can use in the answer
- Choose answer temperature

*Which AI models are available:

GPT-3 models can understand and generate natural language. Open AI offers four main models with different levels of power, suitable for different tasks. Davinci is the most capable model and Ada is the fastest.

text-davinci-003The most productive model. Can perform any task that other models can, often with higher quality, longer output, and better instruction execution. It also supports insertion of add-ons in text.4000 tokensComplex tasks, conclusions, explanation and code generation
text-curie-001Very capable, faster and cheaper than Davinci.2048 tokensText analysis, categorization, address correction, key term extraction
text-babbage-001For a quick solution of simple tasks with minimal costs.2048 tokensModerate classification, semantic search classification
text-ada-001This is the fastest model for very simple tasks at the lowest cost.2048 tokensText translation, complex classification, tone of text, conclusions

Finished! Tool Setup is now complete.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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