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What are Solutions?

Solutions are ready-made cases for automation. In fact, Solution is a set of pre-configured automation templates that allows you to install and run a whole set of automation scenarios. You can create a Solution in your account and then share it with other users (more on that further down in the article).

What is Marketplace and My installations?

Marketplace is a section where you can find all available Solutions created by users. On the Marketplace, you can choose the Solution that suits your needs (as well as the scenario, if there are several of them), add the Solution to your account and use it. At the same time, each Solution can be changed according to your own personal needs - for example, add another scenario.

Users select Solution and install it in their accounts. When the Solution is installed, it appears in the My installations section. It is a private copy that can be modified or started only by the user. This means that any changes you make to the Solution in the My installations section will not affect the original Solution on the Marketplace. Vice versa, if the original Solution on the Marketplace is updated, this will not affect the one that is already in your account.

How to install Solutions?

Choose the Solution you need and click the Install button.

Find solution and click "Install"

Choose the scenario you want to install into your account. The scenario can be changed after the installation.

You can also add your own scenario. Set up a name for it and after the installation, full settings for your scenario will be available.

Choose scenarios

The next step is to provide access to third-party systems. Users should grant Albato access to their accounts in third-party apps in order to transfer data between them. You can skip this step, but in this case your Solution will not be fully installed and you will not be able to start it until you grant access. However, you will be able to see the Solution’s settings and fields.

Add connections

In some cases, step 3 will appear during installation. It will be necessary to make the initial settings of the fields (for example, specify the funnel in the CRM system where you would like to send your deals or specify the type of metric system (kg or pounds), etc.

Click the "Continue" button and the Solution will be installed. Then you can go to the My Installations section for further setup and launch.

Solution successfully installed

What settings does the installed Solution have?

Screen of installed solution

This is how the installed Solution looks like.

You can do the following:
View the settings of an already installed scenario, customize the mapping of fields according to your own personal needs, add tools, set up a start schedule. This setting is similar to the standard automation setting in the Automation Builder.
Enable additional scenarios for Solution. Important: you can enable or disable scenarios only when the Solution is stopped. All updates must be saved by clicking the Save button. You will be able to get into the settings of the new scenario only after you enable it and click the Save button.
Add your own scenario. Click the gear icon to configure it.
Switch between sections of the Solution. For example, view which connection was selected for each of the systems in the "Apps" section (you can go to the connection setup by selecting it and clicking on the gear icon), and you can also see the Log, which will display all sent and received data.
Start Solution - without this, it will not work. The Start and Stop button runs and stops all Solution scenarios at once. Thus, if you need to make any changes - you need to stop the entire Solution and then start it all again.

You're all done!
In the next article, we'll show you how to create your Solution.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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