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Mathematical operation

If you need to calculate something using data from a service, use the “Perform math” tool. It will be useful if:

you need to convert the currency. For example, when the dollar amount comes from GetCourse and you need to transfer it to the CRM system in dollars;

two or more fields with a numeric value need to be added, subtracted, multiplied or divided and passed into a field. For example, adding the item weight and the box weight together to indicate the gross weight or get the transaction amount minus the discount amount;

necessary, add VAT to the amount or perform any other calculations.

Let's examine the application of the tool step by step. Let's say two fields come to you from amoCRM in a transaction: the order amount and the discount amount. In Google Sheets, you need to submit the grand total, including the discount.

Step 1. Adding the tool

Access your automation and click on the “Tool” option before the data submission step.

Select the “Mathematical Operation” tool.

Step 2. Configuring the tool

Describe the mathematical operation in the first field. If the result is fractional, select the rounding type in the second field. In the third field, you can write the number of characters after zero.

In our example, in the first field, you need to enter an amoCRM parameter linked to the “Amount”, then a minus sign and the “Discount”, which consists of the second parameter. After filling in the fields, click on the “Save” button.

Step 3. Passing the final value to the desired service

Open the settings window for the next step. In the example, it is Google Sheets.

In the step settings, in the field you need, set the “Result” parameter, in the Albato drop-down list.

Ready! Now you can get two values ​​from amoCRM. If the “order value” is 5000 dollars and the “discount amount” is 100 dollars, 4900 dollars will be sent to Google Sheets in one field.

This is just one of the examples of this tool. You can customize any operation, just describe it in the step settings.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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