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JavaScript code

Albato’s new feature — JavaScript code — allows you to run your own custom code. Just enter your code into the step settings following this step-by-step instruction.

How to add

Open the Automation builder. Pick the automation scenario to add the JavaScript action or create a new one.

Click the Add an action button.

Choose the JavaScript app in the App field.

Click the Add an action button.

How to set up

First, set up the “Input data”:

create a variable
set the name
specify the value

To add more variables, click on the “Add field” button. Follow the previous steps.

You can also remove unnecessary variables (fields).

Then we set up the “Output Data” variable - the result of the script.

Set the name for the variable and specify the type.

The “Output data” setting is a mandatory step. Even if you haven't created new variables in the code, you need to set up this section so that the system understands which fields and values will be used in the next steps.

Save the settings of this step, then you will find these fields in the subsequent steps of the automation scenario.

Please note that Albato is not responsible for the performance of your code. Make sure you really know how to work with JavaScript before using this step.

If the code failed to run for some reason, then the automation log shows an error.

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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