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Find and replace

The “Find and Replace” tool allows you to find and replace data from previous automation steps. The logic is very similar to Excel's "Find and Replace" function.

For clarity, we will describe the functionality using a simple example. Let's say you're collecting leads for an event and registering them in Google Sheets. One of your forms sends the phone number in a different format than the others. To fix this, you need to change the prefix from “7” to “8”.

See the step by step of this configuration!

Step 1. Adding the tool

When accessing your automation, find the service that transmits the data, click on the “+” button and select the “Tool” option.

In the next window, select the “Find and Replace” tool.

Step 2. Configuring the tool

Fill in the form according to the following directions:

Where to replace – in this field select the name of the list where we need to search. In our example, it is “Phone number”.

What to replace – enter the value you want to find. It can be text, numbers or signs without spaces. In our case, you need to find the number “7” in the transmitted contacts.

What to use to replace - Determine what will replace the identified value from the field above. In the example, the numbers should be replaced by “8” . If you just want to delete the found values, leave the field blank.

Search Mode – This field determines the replacement order if there are multiple matches at the same time. Let's assume that one of the changes will be made at number 7 (985) 563-87-76:

first occurrence only - will replace only the first match in the order. That is, only the first number “7”. The final result would be 8 (985) 563-87-76.

last occurrence only - will replace the last match in the order. That is, only the last “7”. The final result would be 7 (985) 563-87- 8 6.

all occurrences – will replace all matches found in the specified fields. That is, it will replace all the numbers “7”. The final result would be 8 (985) 563-8 88 6.

In the example, it is necessary to remove the prefix, select “First occurrence only” and click on “Save”. This is what the dashboard looks like after configuration.

Step 3. Updating the target service

Now you need to record the processing result in the field with the phone numbers. Access automation and, in the settings, select an “action”.

In the settings window that opens, specify the field where the changed number should appear. In our example, these are phone numbers, in “Column D”. Click on an empty field and select the “Result” option from the Albato drop-down list.

Click “Save” and run the automation!


The example with telephone numbers was used in order to show the principle of the tool in a simple situation. However, the “Phone number formatting” tool is more suitable for such cases.

“Find and Replace” is ideal for cutting off part of the barcode or part number when transferring product data to the warehouse; or change the semicolon separator in the cash expense data.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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