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In the case of automations with CRM systems such as Chat2Desk, it is necessary to choose how Albato will handle duplicate data. This configuration element is called “Only load once”.

From the moment an order appears in the CRM to fulfillment and delivery, many steps are performed. In order not to activate the integration and not to send data with each modification of the status or other fields, you can check the box indicated in this window. This will save your transactions!

Another common situation concerns the realization of automations with Facebook that have adv expenses as an event.

For the correct configuration, fill in the respective fields according to the following recommendations:

In the “Loading period” field, you must specify the period for which the data will be transferred. Facebook allows you to download the data on different days. So if you select “yesterday”, yesterday's data will be sent. If it is “today”, the data will be transmitted in real time. If you need to transfer a large amount of data from previous periods, configure the “Data migration” step by selecting the upload period equal to “yesterday”.

The level of detail determines the volume of data transferred. You can choose the more superficial level of detail “By Campaigns” or go deeper and transfer “By Ads”.

You can select a specific campaign for which data will be loaded. If this field is left blank, data will be loaded for all campaigns in the user's account in the data source service.

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Updated on: 05/09/2023

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