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Date and time modification

“Date and time modification” is one of Albato's tools that can be included in your automation. It allows you to adjust the time of tasks, update the time zone, etc.

An example of use is in integrations where you need to add 15 minutes to the time the lead is created, delaying the creation of a task in CRM. Let's assume that the platforms used will be Facebook and amoCRM (contact + business).

Step 1. Adding the tool

Once the lead form has been filled out and a contact and offer have been created in amoCRM, you will need to define a task for the person responsible for that offer.

To do this, click on the “Tool” option.

Then select the “Date and time modification” tool.

Step 2. Configuring the tool

In the tool window that opens, you can configure the necessary actions. To do this, in the “Date and time to change” field, specify the value that you will modify. In the example, it is the “Date and time” of the Facebook lead.

In the “Add minutes” field, write the static value “15”. Click “Save”.

The tool will create a new variable with date and time that will always add 15 minutes to the original Facebook variable.

Step 3. Creating a new step

Now, let's use this variable in a new step. Add the “New Task” step in the amoCRM service.

In the settings window of this step, in the “Completion date and time” field, add the variable “Changed date and time” of our tool.

The task type in our example is “Albato”. To do so, fill in the form should follow the directions:

Object type - enter the "Leads" option.

Contact / Offer ID - select from the drop-down list.

Text – type the text you need.

Responsible User – indicate who is responsible for the transaction by selecting them from the transaction drop-down list.

Completion date and time – already changed, select from the drop-down list in the “Changed date and time” step.

At the end, click on the “Save” button.

The completed automation will look like this!

Our automation is ready! Don’t forget to start it.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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