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Data cropping

This tool works like scissors, which allows you to cut data from any set of values. You can cut half of the line (eg from the beginning to the middle) or a value in the middle of the line (eg from the 3rd to the 5th letter).

Let's consider the functionality of the tool using an example.

Suppose we receive information about Google's click identifier (called GCLID) from some source (eg, an online store on InSales). The information comes in the format

From this line, we'll just need to get the numeric value 1234, which we'll pass to Google Sheets. For this, we use the “Cut data” tool. Know more!

Step 1. Adding the tool

First, you need to open your automation, click the plus sign (+) between the steps and select the “Tool” option. Then just select the “Data cropping” tool.

Step 2. Configuring the tool

In this step, we configure the tool itself. See the guidelines for filling in the 6 fields.

Create a name for the dataset that will be formatted.

Choose a value for data processing. In our case, we will select the “URL from where they went to the website” field of the InSales trigger as the value.

Select the data cropping direction, that is, choose where the clipping will start: from the beginning or from the end. Let's follow the direction from the beginning. With this, the system will run the algorithm starting from left to right. If we chose the “from the end” option, the algorithm will be mirrored and run from right to left.

Choose the data cropping type. There are 2 types: “By number of characters” and “By a specified character”. In our case, we will select the type “By a specified character”. Next, we configure the data slicing algorithm itself.

Here, you need to indicate "what character to start cropping from" (ie the moment of the beginning of the data that we want to transfer later). For our example with you, based on the InSales – Google Sheets integration, we entered the following configuration: specify the value “d=”. So the cut will look like: 1234

We do not enter any value in the field “Up to what character to crop”, but we mark the field “Crop to the end”. So, for this parameter, the algorithm will understand that it is necessary to get the data from the location specified in topic 5 to the end of the line.

If it is necessary to define an algorithm for the end of the cut before the end of the line, just specify the value in this field so that the platform can cut and collect the data in question.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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