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Automation delay

The “Automation delay” tool adds a programmed delay to the operation of the automation, thus postponing the next step for a user-specified period of time.

To better explain the functionality, let's give an example of use considering the integration between Google Adwords and Bitrix24 CRM. Upon receipt of a lead from an advertising campaign, a record is created in Bitrix24 CRM.

It is intended that, a few minutes after creating the record, there will be an automatic call for one of the sales managers to contact the customer (Click2Call functionality), in this case, for example, ALMATEL VATS.

See how to perform this configuration in Albato!

Step 1. Adding the tool

First, you need to access your automation and include the “Tool” option between the steps.

Then, select the “Automation delay” tool.

Step 2. Configuring the tool

To configure, fill in the “Delay (in minutes)” field, informing how many minutes the execution of the next step should be postponed. For example, let's enter the value “5”. Save the change made.

Now the next step will work in 5 minutes, which means the customer will be contacted in 5 minutes.

Cases about the use of the tool “Automation delay”

Here are some cases that you can solve using this tool.

Case #1

Task: The sales manager wants to control whether calls are made to all incoming leads.

Solution: we will have to put together a set of three steps:

Step 1 - “Capture Leads” (eg Facebook).

Step 2 - “Lead data reception system” (eg Bitrix24).

Step 3 - “Send a message via messenger” (eg Telegram).

With the tool “Automation delay” we can add a delay between the second and third steps — let's consider 60 minutes. Now, 1 hour after receiving the lead, the head of the Telegram sales department will receive a message about the lead arrival with a link to the lead card in Bitrix24. The link will allow you to check the presence of a call in the event feed.

Case #2

Task: An online store received an order from a customer. The order was transferred to the ClickDeliveries logistics system and now the person in charge needs to get the track number of the order back. The problem is that the Click Delivery system itself generates a track number in one minute, which is why the usual instantaneous way of operating the automation is not viable.

Solution: Between the “Create Order” and “Get Track Number” steps, we will add a delay of several minutes for the integration to work properly.

Updated on: 04/05/2023

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