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What are "transactions" and how do I count them?

What are transactions and how do they affect Plan selection?

A transaction is the result of an automation, i.e. a successfully worked out step of an automation (creation of an entity in a third-party system, the result of a tool).

In other words, it is the unit you spend when you successfully complete the steps in the automation. The first step does not spend a transaction. Spending begins with the second step, regardless of where the action takes place - in a third-party service or in Albato.

Example: you need to transfer leads from Facebook to google tables and Telegram. To transfer one lead, you need two transactions: the first is to
to send one lead and create a row in the table. The second is to pass the lead to Telegram.

Running an automation will produce one transaction less than the number of steps it consists of. In our case, the scheme is: Facebook - Google Sheets - Telegram. 3 steps, but only 2 transactions will be debited.

Updated on: 21/06/2023

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