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How do I pay for "additional operations"?

If you subscribe to the Standard plan or higher, you can purchase additional operations.

Important! Operations can be purchased both automatically and manually.

How to buy operations automatically

To keep your automations running, Albato offers to buy extra operations automatically for subscriptions with the Standard plan or higher. Whenever you reach your monthly plan limit, the system makes a request to charge your Albato account balance for 1000 operations. If your Albato account is empty, the system will try to debit your bank card for 1000 operations. This process will continue up to the moment you purchase extra operations, upgrade to a higher plan or update your current plan.

How to buy operations manually

You can purchase extra operations manually. To do this, go to the Billing section in your Albato account and click the “Add” button. Operations you buy manually will be stored in your Albato account for one year and will not be reset with updating the monthly plan limit.

We recommend either keeping a positive Albato account balance (so that the system can debit it in case you exceed the monthly plan limit) or buying extra operations in advance. In this way, you will prevent your automations from stopping and keep them running even at peak data periods.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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