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Key Access creation

By creating a key, you allow Albato to access your accounts in connected apps. Don't worry about security, the data remains yours — our robot only accesses your accounts to perform the tasks you ask for.

Connecting the passkey

To connect your apps to Albato, you will need to add a passkey. Most of the time, creating this credential is as simple as this:

on the "Apps" tab, click on "Add a conection";

use the search boxes or manually search for the app you want to connect;

name your access key (this helps to distinguish your credentials when you have multiple accounts on the same service);

authorize access to your service account in two clicks.

In some cases it will be necessary to make additional settings. Services like Pipedrive require you to copy the URL automatically generated by Albato (available on your access key page) and paste it into your account settings for the app in question.

Usually, the field to enter the URL is in the “Integrations” or “API” part of your service.

Testing the key access

Before building your automation, select your passkey and hit the "Test" button. If the credential is not configured correctly, the integration will not work or return an error.

Don't forget to update your key access by clicking the corresponding button if you change something in your account, such as adding pages or new documents. This is necessary for your credential to work without errors.

Did not work? Contact us via chat. We are on hand to help you!

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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