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How to connect Wordpress to Albato

Currently, we have 3 methods available to connect Wordpress to Albato.

Application password
Basic Authentication
Jwt Token (Plugin)

1. Application password

On Wordpress interface:

You need to create a password in Wordpress, by going to User → Profile. type any password and save it.

The created password is displayed 1 time, you need to copy it and paste it into Albato.

On Albato’s interface:

You need to put the login from your admin Wordpress in the field “login”.

Put the password you created in Wordpress in the field “Password”

if you don’t have the ability to create a password in Wordpress, then you need to use a different type of authorization.

2. Basic Authentication
This type of authentication needs only your Wordpress user login and password. You need to use it if you are operating on a WordPress version bellow to 5.6.

3. Jwt Token (Plugin)
If you are a user of Jwt you only need to:

put the username from jwt on the Albato field login
put the password from Jwt on the Albato field password.

For details on Jwt plugin, please visit their website

As wordpress is an open source tool, it may be the case that you use a different plugin for authorization. If this is so, please share it with us so our development team can assess the feasibility of adding it to the available authorization methods for wordpress.

If you encounter any issues along the way don’t hesitate to contact our support channel!

Updated on: 30/08/2023

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