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I need new App in Albato

Last quarter Albato were releasing 1 app per day, so it usually takes us 1-2 week to add new apps from requests. The biggest issue is not to add this but to test, as a lot of apps are not providing test accounts for test API. If you:

Add your apps to our roadmap

Give us at least a few examples of cases for each app (which data to send, which actions to do)
Will be ready to help us to test our integration (or provide us access) -
it will take up to 2 weeksYou can also add apps you need to Albato by yourself, using our No Code Apps Integrator.
Check how it works here. It’s much more easier to use, than Postman, for example.Apps Integrator video
App Integrator doc

Updated on: 17/04/2023

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