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Action components

An entity that performs customized actions in the application by making an outgoing HTTP request to a specific URL with a pre-configured request body. The action makes a request at the moment when the bundle is started due to the trigger event and passes in the request the parameters that were filled in by the user when setting up the action step.

The point is that the fields are separately configured, then the HTTP request is separately configured, in which the mapping of variables is written, and which fields of the entity are used in the request.

Action components

The action has two main components:

Fields: create action fields that will be displayed in the step settings in the bundle. Fields can send values in a request or store the values of a response to an outgoing request (e.g., Receiving an ID).

Requests: Configuring action request widgets. Create a set of queries in which the mapping of fields is configured, indicating which action field and in which query variable to pass.

There are also two additional action components:

Line Sections/String: Allows you to create a section that transfers data to an array of objects. Thus, together with the creation / update of the entity, it is possible to additionally transfer to it an array of objects in an unlimited number for one request. For example, Goods in the created deal.

Sorting: Allows using drag & drop to change the sorting of displaying fields in a bundle.

Updated on: 07/12/2022

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