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Connection field creation

This entity is optional. It allows you to create additional fields that will be requested from the user when creating a connection to the application, which in any way are not related to the authorization.

For example, this can be a request from a user of his domain, since the domain will participate in all subsequent requests, including authorization, such a field is stored in a separate place and is available for all application request widgets.

To request such static data as an API key, which is not even updated, use the authorization entity.

Adding a field

To create, click the "Add field" button and fill in the fields in the pop-up window. List of fields on creation:

Field code: internal ID of the field. The field cannot contain only numbers, Cyrillic and spaces, text + numbers are allowed. It is not available for editing.

Name in English: Label of the field that will be displayed to the user in the English interface Albato.

Hint in English: The text that will be shown below the field to be filled in as a little explanation. Displayed in English interface Albato.

Type: Select the type of the field. The options are:

string - a regular input string.

integer - allows you to store only numbers.

email - in the field before saving, validation takes place whether it really will enter email.

password - dots will be shown instead of the entered data.

subdomain - an indication of the subdomain, the user will visually see a static prefix and postfix.

boolean - checkbox field.

Required when creating: The field is required at the time of creating a connection, but not necessary when editing (after creating a connection, the value is used once in the request and is not saved further within the connection. For example, exchanging a login / password for an API key, after exchanging a login in memory no need to leave)

Required when editing: This field is required when editing a connection. After creating a connection, the value that was entered in the field is saved within the framework of this connection


Fields can also be sorted to determine the positions of the fields. More details on the sorting page.

Updated on: 01/12/2022

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