How to Set Up and Automate Lead Generation on TikTok

TikTok can either be an additional source of revenue or a headache if you don't automate lead generation and handover to the sales department. In this article, we will explain why it's essential to set up automatic lead extraction from TikTok and how to configure a lead form.

Why Is It Important to Automate Lead Submission?
You can manually submit leads from TikTok, logging into your advertising account multiple times a day and transferring data to your CRM, spreadsheet, or notifying your managers. If you're just starting on the platform and receive 1-2 leads per day, this might take around 10 minutes of your time. But to transfer 20-50 client contacts manually, it could take an entire day. Furthermore, there's a risk of making mistakes while sending data, wasting your manager's time, and potentially missing out on potential clients.

There are two reasons to automate lead extraction:

Increase Response Speed: Clients won't wait for your call all day. Most likely, within 10 minutes, they'll forget about the form they filled out. To turn leads into sales, you need to process them promptly.

Save Resources: You won't need to hire an additional employee to collect leads from TikTok and then manually pass them on to the sales department. Automation can solve this routine task.

How Automatic Lead Collection Works

- Specialist creates ads and configures lead forms on TikTok.
- Launch the TikTok advertising campaign.
- When users watch videos, they see your ads and click on them.
- A contact collection form opens.
- Users fill out the form and click "Submit."
- The data goes into the advertising account.

To automate lead submission, you need to link your TikTok advertising account with a platform like Google Sheets, where the data will be stored.

How to Create a Lead Form on TikTok

Open the Campaigns section and click Create.

Select the type of advertising campaign as Lead Generation. Enter the campaign name and click Continue.

Create an ad group.

To avoid showing ads to those who might not be interested in your offer, use targeting filters (gender, age, interests). For example, if your target audience is women aged 25-45:

If the estimated reach is too narrow, you can remove some filters.

Now, fill in the Budget field and set the ad schedule.

Next, choose the bidding strategy. We've selected Lowest Cost.

Go to ad settings:

You can either upload a video right away or choose an existing one from your device.

Or create a new one using templates or other Creative Tools:

TikTok Video Editor:

Video Template Library:

We've uploaded our video.
Next, fill in the headline, ad text, and call to action.

When creating an ad, you also need to configure the lead form to collect contacts:

Choose a form template, upload a logo, and fill in the required fields.

You can edit, delete, or add questions and the form header.

Note: The form includes a privacy policy (Privacy). It's recommended to add a link to the website page containing this information.

After filling out the form, complete the "Thank You" page button text and add a link to the page you want to redirect the customer to.

Your advertising campaign and lead form for collecting leads on TikTok are ready.

Updated on: 25/09/2023

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